Bold Leadership for ambitious, successful and hard-working Executive and Professional Women.

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The world needs good leaders even more now to be a positive change in the world. Women have a special part to play.

Three challenges we face:

Unfairly judged as a leader

Women executives are often left wondering why they feel out of whack or exhausted. In an effort to be taken seriously some women waste their vital energy hiding their warm, gentle and inclusive nature for fear they’ll be judged as too soft to be an effective leader. While others dial down their decisive, direct and assertive side for fear of being judged as too hard and not likeable.

We refuse to buy into out-dated stereotypes of what a leader should be and we believe women leaders can be bold, dynamic and powerful, AND still be caring, collaborative and supportive.

Overworked & undervalued

With high standards and a desire to achieve, women leaders often behave like Superwoman! Over-delivering, doing everything themselves, trying to please everybody; women are in a pattern of  proving that they ‘are enough’.

But the consequences are damaging – we are 60% more likely to suffer job stress and burnout than men.

The truth is we are more than enough. Reconnecting with our true power and engaging and empowering our people is more productive and rewarding – for everyone involved.

‘It’s lonely around here!’

Naturally excluded from the networks that men enjoy, and with few women in their personal circle who ‘get it’, women at the top often go it alone. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

Engaging with their peers in our impactful programmes is a game-changer for women. Creating an open and trusting environment plays to their natural affinity to collaborate and allows them to feel safe to open up and be themselves.

Exponential success, however you define it, is inevitable!

Our clients are:

Women in senior or critical roles who have stretching assignments or leadership challenges and have no-one they can truly open up to in the workplace.

Ambitious women who want to progress further in their career and have the savvy to know they need a helping hand.

Entrepreneurs/Business Owners who want to build or grow successful businesses and who miss having a sounding board.

Women who are at a crossroads and are considering making some sort of change and aren’t sure if they can or even if it’s what they really want.

Women making the leap from a long-standing career and realise they want to make a difference in their latter years.

Get Started with your Bold Leadership

Women’s Leadership Development

For women who want to experience new levels of joy, freedom, performance and success and help others to do the same.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Bespoke, tailored one to one programmes for CEOs, executives, business owners, leaders and critical players.

Leadership Talks, Masterclasses & One-Day Workshops

Inspiring, engaging and informative sessions to waken women up to their own potential.

Accelerate the performance of your people, your teams and your organisation

Take your Bold Leadership to the next level.
Imagine the exponential effect when others join you in your efforts.

Bring your people or your team up to power with our practical, grounded and effective programmes, which include:

Team Leadership Development

For leaders driving change and higher team performance to deliver accelerated organisational results.

Team Performance

Get your teams aligned, engaged and pulling together as one strong team.

Gender Diversity & Inclusion

For organisations that want to create gender balanced teams leveraging the talents and capabilities of men and women.