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Take Bold Steps with Anne Dargan

Refreshingly honest, challenging and insightful sessions to engage and inspire your audience to think differently, to take bold and courageous actions, to make more of a difference and to fulfil their potential.

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All sessions can be delivered as a short talk, a two-hour masterclass or a one day workshop.


Top 3 Brutal Truths that every women needs to know to be a Bold & Courageous Leader

The best gift you can give yourself if you are to…

  • Uncover how you are unwittingly limiting your potential from being a powerful, energetic and resilient leader.
  • Discover the No. 1 challenge facing women that you aren’t even aware of
  • Learn about the top 3 habits that are holding you back or stopping  you from being truly successful
  • Identify and chose alternative empowering strategies to accelerate your success to the next level

So that you:

  • Are inspired to take bold action to fulfil the potential you know you have
  • Achieve even more success, with more ease and less effort
  • Play a bigger game, have more influence and make more of a difference
  • Are recognised and valued for your contribution and potential
  • Feel free, energetic, at your personal best, loving your work and life and having a positive impact on those around you

“Found the content very relevant and could relate to so much of it. Anne was fantastic and a great speaker. Loved her story and finished the session feeling really inspired.”

“It was illuminating, poignant. It was timely and reminded me of what was holding me back and I need to change.”

“Rarely I get a chance to have such open discussions with other women experiencing the same challenges. A lot to take away and I feel empowered.”

“A refreshingly honest and challenging talk, which really reasonated with members – leaders of all ages. They left inspired and gasping for more!”
Roseann Kelly, CEO Women In Business NI

Attend this essential session, applicable to all women in the workplace.

Be Energetic - “You, on a Good Day”

DID YOU KNOW that only 20% of us are operating at our personal best? That 20% of us are languishing well below par? And the rest are merely ‘ok’!

DID YOU KNOW that women are 60% more likely to suffer burn out and stress than men?

Discover how you are a ‘leaky bucket’, wasting vital energy, and how to preserve and channel it for exponential results.

You will:

GO FROM running from pillar to post, not doing anything particularly well, TO being focused and productive.

GO FROM never being able to say no, taking on too much and trying to please everybody, TO being more in control, setting, managing and ultimately exceeding expectations.

GO FROM being below par, being tough on yourself and others, glass half empty, TO being a positive force inspiring optimism and creativity in your team.

“This really helped me to identify my priorities and provided sound, relevant advice on implementing positive changes. I was able also to use the advice to assist a client who was struggling with changing behaviours in  the workplace. Well worth the time and effort to attend.”
Moira Burke, Director, Burke Consultancy

The #1 Hurdle limiting Women’s Progress & Success

  • Concerned that you won’t be valued or truly accepted at the highest levels in the organisation?
  • Fed up that you’re passed over for high profile assignments?
  • Accused of being self serving or aggressive for simply being ambitious and delivering results?
  • Know that getting sponsored is highly effective, but can’t find anyone suitable?
  • Reluctant to apply for a more senior or executive role because you’ve been rejected previously?


  • Develop an understanding of the impact of unconscious bias and how it undermines women’s success
  • Greater awareness of own unconscious bias and how this impacts on thinking, behaviour and team work.
  • Identify strategies to overcome second generation gender biases that still hold women back

“Extremely useful, practical and very interactive. Balance between theory and application was perfect.”
HR Director, NICS

How to Be Effective as a Woman on the Board or Senior Leadership Team

With more women on boards and senior leadership teams, this workshop will help women to work effectively with their senior colleagues.

Drawing on research into the unseen barriers women face as a leader, participants will explore how these impact on their ability to lead their team or organisation effectively without selling out on who they are or sacrificing their family life.

It includes:

  • Becoming aware of the subtle and often invisible barriers for women that inadvertently benefit men and disadvantage women
  • Identifying strategies to overcome second generation gender biases that still hold women back
  • Clarifying your leadership purpose and leader identity – the foundation to being an effective woman leader
  • Reading the leadership culture and political landscape and being strategic in relationship management
  • Developing a strategy that enables you to work flexibly and still deliver results

“Very valuable to any female in an influential role. The workshop was very invigorating and provided a platform to improve all aspects of female life both at work and at home.”

“This was a great use of a day. I got some really practical and useful insights that were directly applicable in work. Often training is too much theory, not enough action, this was the perfect balance. Brilliantly well delivered by an energetic and charismatic presenter with up to date thinking and real life examples. Highly recommended.”
Anne McReynolds, CEO, The MAC

Be Strategic - The First Essential Step to being a Powerful, Influential, Authentic & Resilient Leader

“The challenge facing women is to have vision be one of the things we are known for. No vision, no leadership.”
Women and the Vision Thing, Herminia Ibarra and Otilia Obodaru, 2009, Harvard Business Review.

The ability to develop a strategic perspective has been identified in several studies as the one competence where men outscore women significantly when assessing outstanding leadership.

In this inspiring, practical and thought provoking masterclass, Anne Dargan shares the inside track to being strategic, so that you:

GO FROM being bogged down in the minutia, stuck in the weeds and living day to day, TO playing a bigger game and making more of a difference.

GO FROM feeling like you’re pushing a boulder up hill, that your team just don’t get it TO being firmly in the driving seat, giving clarity of direction and having everyone bought in and pulling in the same direction.

GO FROM being pissed off that you’re working your butt off and no-one seems to notice, TO being recognised as adding value and having a seat at the table where you can influence big decisions.

GO FROM getting distracted and not moving things along, dwindling energy and overwhelm from doing it all TO having clarity of direction, being full of energy, ideas and motivation to carry things through.

Ideal for both experienced and aspiring leaders.