I’ve just finished an intensive two days with Women In Business, working with Bold Women Leaders on their Bold Conversations. Whether they are tough conversations about someone’s poor performance, about landing that promotion, about influencing the boss or simply discussing something important with someone who matters, these women discovered a new way to handle bold conversations that guarantees good outcomes and builds great relationships at the same time.

The group was surprised that Bold Conversations aren’t about learning how to have an argument or a fight. They aren’t about pushing your point of view to the extent that you ‘win’. Rather they are about you voicing an opinion that matters to you. They are about a two-way dialogue, respecting the other person’s point of view, and being open to learning something new. They are about being influential, getting good outcomes and building great relationships.

The benefits they gained:

“Increased confidence around approaching and holding bold conversations. Greater self awareness around my mindset and more importantly the impact.”

“I have identified mindsets that need to change. I have gained confidence in voicing my own opinions.”

“Insight into how I can have more effective conversations and having a bold conversation is a skill that can be learned”

What they said:

“This programme was refreshingly different to any other training I have done. Attending this workshop is something anyone in a leading position should consider. Go for it – ‘Be Bold’”

“A thorough programme addressing mindset and energies.”

“ Essential development for women in work and all relationships. Supported self assessment made this a highly tailored development programme. Perfect for me. Rich in learning where you least expect it.”

“Great opportunity to learn from a skilled communicator and a wonderful trainer and coach.”

“This kind of training is important for women of all ages.”

“I love the model. So complete, holistic and easy to see where the gaps are for me.”

Talk soon,