In a way I hate writing to you at this time of year. I know my own inbox is inundated with tips on healthy eating, how to get fit, blah blah, and if you are like me you turn a blind eye to it all.

And who can blame you! You know in your own heart that it just isn’t going to work! And you are right!

There are good reasons why we don’t achieve what we want or don’t grow to be the leader we want to be. Here’s why – so you can stop blaming yourself! And by the way, I have the antidote, so make sure and read the bottom of this email!

  1. 80% of us don’t set any goals!  Oh dear. This is just a disaster. If you don’t know where you are going then you are just going aimlessly through your life. Wouldn’t you rather take control of your life and make exciting plans?

    Food for thought: A colleague was ill in hospital a few weeks ago and during his stay he made plans for two big holidays this coming year to celebrate his 60th birthday. He suffered from Motor Neuron Disease and has been in a wheel chair for years. A regular traveller he said the only thing that would stop him was if he was dead. I attended his funeral on Wednesday. 

  2. When we do set them they are too woolly.  I’m going to eat healthier, I’m going to get fit.  Too easy to let yourself off the hook!
  3. We set too many goals! In fact we set so many we can’t even remember them all. 
  4. Our goals don’t stretch us. Rather than fail we set ourselves goals that we know we can easily achieve/afford/fit in. 
  5. The goals we set just don’t matter to us that much.  
  6. 16% of us don’t write them down! And only 4% do!
  7. Only 1% of the population write them down AND review them  – and they are the highest achievers.
  8. We try to go it alone. We don’t ask for the support we need and we don’t share them with others – so no-one holds us accountable. 

So I invite you do something more empowering that does work. Attend our New Year New You workshop on 30th January 2018 and we’ll take your through our 3 step process:

    Reflect on 2017 and discover what to leave behind as well as the wisdom to carry forward into 2018. Get clarity what matters to you in all aspects of your life and work, what kind of a leader you want to be and set goals that inspire you, that you will move heaven and earth to achieve.
    Uncover unhelpful beliefs that hold you back and replace them with empowering beliefs that help you stay the course.
    Make plans for bold action and engage with others to help you reach your destination.

You’ll join a small and intimate group of like-minded and successful women leaders, who want to thrive in their work and their life and who will accelerate your success.

Believe me!  I don’t say this lightly! Our participants have set goals to achieve something in six months and have achieved it in only one, because of help from other participants.

Truly priceless!