Anne Dargan - Women in Business Magazine Sept 2018

Anne Dargan – Women in Business Magazine Sept 2018

Women in Business is teaming up with our founder, Anne Dargan, to deliver this transformational programme.

Having experienced the difficulties facing women in a male dominated industry, Anne helps Bold Women Leaders step into their own power and know the difference they want to make in the world, which inevitably means having those bold conversations. Whether you are a business owner or an experienced or aspiring leader, building this core leadership muscle is crucial to being able to say what has to be said, improving relationships and getting good outcomes – with confidence and ease.

“Extensive and well-documented research across different cultures, has shown that people display a number of predictable reactions and behaviours, regardless of gender, experience, job or position (ref Chris Agryss, Harvard Business School). That said, women are also cursed with the double bind – they are either ‘too nice’ and are considered ineffective, or ‘too aggressive’ and so aren’t liked. It’s not hard to see how either option holds women back when having those conversations they have to have. This can go from ‘dancing around the handbags’ so the point is never made to ‘taking people out’ and nothing ever changes. Just consider the cost or lost opportunity in having these ineffective conversations!” says Anne.

Whether you disagree with someone, really want to change the way they think, act or behave or are dealing with poor performance, many of us fear having these conversations. Some of us worry about hurting the other persons feelings. Some of us can’t find the words. Others find the conversations easy, and yet little change is observed in the other person.

“Organisations succeed or fail one conversation at a time”
Susan Scott, Fierce Conversations

Outcomes you can expect from this programme:

  • Know how to prepare for a bold conversation and gain clarity, peace of mind and motivation to carry it through
  • Learn a proven and effective structure for having a bold conversation
  • Recognise and overcome the barriers to having the conversation you’ve been putting off
  • Feel more confident to say what needs to be said
  • Develop skills to counter resistance, manage conflict and stay calm
  • Work through your situation and gain insight and feedback from your peers

This programme will be such a revelation you’ll realise why your attempts have been failing to date. You’ll gain confidence in delivering difficult messages and achieving good outcomes for your business or organisation whilst building and maintaining good relationships with the people concerned. During the programme there will be opportunity to practice a variety of real life situations.

Programme Details
Date: 10th October 2018, 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue: Pinsent Masons, Belfast
Cost: WIB Members £500+VAT, Non-Members £585+VAT
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